Preventive Dentistry

At Woodroffe Dental Care, we understand the importance of prevention when it comes to caring for your oral health. In order to do your best in keeping periodontal disease or any oral health issues at bay, a patient must commit to a proper oral care routine at home and see the dentist regularly. We encourage patients to schedule frequent check-up and cleaning appointments with us at an average of every six months (varying depending on a patient's individual case).

Professional Cleanings at Our Friendly Clinic

During a routine oral examination and cleaning, our dentist Dr. Phan-Vu Nguyen will take a close look inside the patient's mouth and take X-rays as necessary to better visualize any problems. Our hygienist will use special dental instruments to gently scrape away at any plaque and tartar that has accumulated on the patient's teeth. Next, our hygienist will polish the surfaces of the teeth, leaving them smooth and difficult for bacteria to stick to.

Patients often leave our office after their cleaning treatment with a lot to smile about!

Educating Patients with the Intra-Oral Camera

As part of a patient's check-up/cleaning, we use an intra-oral camera to show them close-up pictures of the inside of their mouth. This helps us to better educate our patient about their unique mouth condition and oral health, and provides the visual information necessary to help them learn effectively.

Early Detection

At our Ottawa clinic, we use VELscope® Technology to detect oral cancer at its earlier stage. Every patient receives an inspection with the special VELscope® light during his/her cleaning and check-up appointment, because we believe regular screening is crucial as oral cancer is on the rise.

Another valuable instrument we use at our clinic is the DIAGNOdent hand-held pen. This pen is used for the early detection of dental caries in order to help our patients prevent further damage to the teeth.

Our office also uses digital radiography or digital X-ray imaging, which significantly decreases the dose of radiation a patient receives (a concern of many patients today). Digital X-rays are also eco-friendly and paperless, are more convenient, and take much less time to process compared to traditional radiography.

Prevention Starts with You

Although it's crucial to receive cleaning treatment from a dental professional as often as he or she recommends, looking after your oral health at home plays a very large role in prevention. Always be sure to brush your teeth at least twice daily for at least 120 seconds (2 minutes) each time. Reach every surface of every tooth, and don't forget to brush or scrape your tongue as well. Flossing should also never be neglected. Floss every day, bringing the floss below the gum line and curving it around and between each tooth.

Is it time for a dental checkup and cleaning? Optodent would love to hear from you. Please give us a call or email us today to schedule an appointment.